Welcome to ‘Surveying with Tim’

As I sit here staring at this intimidating blank page, the cursor impatiently flashing, waiting for my fingers to magically drum some words. I wonder how I got here… So let’s start this blog with a brief introduction, I’m Tim, 28 and about to embark in an exciting change of career which I hope a few people will be curious enough to follow!

A few years ago, I was working for a relatively large recruitment agency synonymous in the construction and property industry. I had been in recruitment for four years and as I was pacing the conference room, on the phone with a candidate discussing with them their exciting job offer – I had my light-bulb moment. I wanted to become a Quantity Surveyor: I had become so deep-seated in this industry I couldn’t concentrate on anything else. Was this a passion or obsession?

I will write about my experiences in finding the best entry route for my personal circumstances in a post or two’s time. However, after a year or two of obsessing over the details, getting married to my lovely wife and preparing myself mentally, I am about to embark on this journey; from Newbie to Chartered Quantity Surveyor and beyond! Buzz Lightyear reference. Apologies, I’m partial to a pun or two.

This blog is here for me to write about my experiences, my journey and my path. If, along the way I enlighten, encourage or perhaps even inspire someone else to take a leap of faith then I will be extremely satisfied.

250 odd words in, I’m thinking to myself ‘this isn’t so hard’ 

More to follow shortly – take care,


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