University College of Estate Management (UCEM)


As I sit in a coffee shop near Euston Station on the morning of my University induction, my mind wonders to the journey ahead… What challenges will I face, what ups and downs will I encounter?

I should explain about my pathway and choice of University, which you should’ve guessed by now is University College of Estate Management (UCEM). The course I have started is the BSc Quantity Surveying more specifically the Degree Apprenticeship pathway (more details on this in another post, but for now if you’re curious take a look here)

Why did I choose this pathway? Quite simply, it was an option between the UCEM and the University of Portsmouth. In my mind it was a no brainier, the UCEM is fully online based and was the only option which offered two start dates per year, April and October. April fitted perfectly with my personal circumstances and being the eager beaver, I couldn’t imagine waiting till October! I should also mention that having a background in the recruitment of Quantity Surveyors I knew the importance and value of being on a RICS accredited course in the future (more on that subject in yet another post)

We’re currently into week three of our first two modules and I can honestly say I’m blown away with how organised, structured and easy to operate the ‘VLE’ system is. The ‘VLE’ is the University’s online learning platform. Each learning module has its segment and within that segment is then split into weekly learning requirements and outcomes. The platform has everything you may need from online books, study material, video learning to live webinars tailored around your weekly learning objectives. A colleague of mine recently graduated from UCEM and has noticed how far they’ve progressed in technology from their early days of the course over 4 years ago!

So I’ve finished my Flat white (cliché, right?) and I could waffle on, but take a look at their website for yourself, they offer a range of qualifications from a Certificate of Higher Education to various postgraduate programmes –

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